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Kit out your man cave with air compressors and tools

Take on any job from spray painting through to wood working. Remington has a full range of air powered tools designed for the home handyman who needs a fully equipped tool box.

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About Master Heaters

About The Company

Bringing you tools that are number one in usability, economy and durability.

The Remington brand is brought to you by a family owned and operated company that commenced in 1974 as a wholesale supplier to the power garden industry.

The business has grown steadily to become established as a leading supplier and innovator in the portable power equipment field with a sales and distribution network serving you throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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Choose the right air compressor for the job


2.0HP, 21LT Direct Drive Air Compressor


2.5HP, 40LT Air Compressor High Flow


3HP, 50LT V-Twin Pump Air Compressor


2.75HP,50LT Belt Drive Air Compressor


2.5HP 40L Oil-Less Air Compressor


1.5HP 6L Oil-Less Silent Direct Drive Air Compressor


1.5HP, 21L Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor



The Remington Air Difference

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Reliable tools that don’t Break down

Remington Air Equipment are built to exacting standards with high quality materials to give you reliability and consistency on the job.

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Build up your range of tools Without spending a fortune

The Remington Air Range is tailored for you – Remington has developed the range so every job is covered at home without breaking the bank.

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Air tools designed to work with any compressor

Air Tool Fittings can be a minefield – The Remington range is completely compatible. Any tool with any compressor – saving you time!

Why Choose Master Heater

Why Choose Remington Air

Complete your job with no interruptions with Remington Air

Remington Air – designed to keep you in action all day, not waiting for a pesky battery to charge.

Couple your range of tools to the Remington Air compressor via 10m or 20m air hose and enjoy the freedom of a cordless powertool, without the battery.

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Our Clients Say

My RA12 belt drive air compressor has helped me complete man home projects including book shelves, small tables and more. It works away happily in the corner with no complaints and very little maintenance. I couldn't have done it without you - thankyou Remington Air

The professionals choice

Need help finding what you’re after?

Our support line is here to help you find What you’re after and get the most out of your air tools when you use them.

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